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Rug Hand Wash Cleaning Chicago

We provide cleaning services for people that want to keep their rugs perfect. We help our clients care and preserve their rugs. Our professional team of craftspeople cleans rugs exclusively by hand and uses effective and absolutely safe techniques applied by the most experienced specialists. Our cleaning services are marked by special care and treatment of rugs. Our team understands that rug care services include not only the task to preserve of the quality of a rug, but also to preserve and maintain its value! We inspect rugs very carefully before cleaning to determine which of the techniques should be applied in each case. Our clients are always satisfied with our work, as its results are perfectly cleaned and repaired rugs!

If you are looking for hand wash cleaning Chicago, you are at a right place. For over 30 years we have been providing our cleaning services and handle all types of Rugs. We only use non chemical, natural soaps which have been developed exclusively for Oriental rugs.

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